Wednesday, January 07, 2009

U3A & Southampton...

Following my appearance at St Bartholomew's Church Fete back at the end of the summer, I had been approached by several members of the local U3A group to do a talk for them at one of their monthly meetings. This occurred last Monday at the Methodist Church in South Street, Crewkerne. They advertised the show as "The Mystery from History", which was a pretty snappy title. The hall was cold, but pretty full, and I was asked to wear a throat mic for some of the more "mutton" members of the group. I started a little shakily, after all this was my first Henry talk for nearly a month, but I was soon in my stride and I have to say I got a really good response from the group. Lots of laughter, particularly at some of the stories I told about children saying things to me.

Today, Wednesday, I have been back to sunny Southampton to visit some old friends I used to work with at Skandia Life. Before Iwent to the restaurant to meet the main group, I went to Skandia House itself and saw, among others the lovely Sue Plumb, Trevor the bizarre security man, Janet Mabey, Miles Butler (he still hasn't gone metric), Vanessa Adamson, Tracie Callaway (as was) from CCS and the sainted Paul Stewart. Paul looks after a lot of the software and servers at Skandia and apparently gets an alert every time Skandia Life is mentioned somewhere. So... SKANDIA LIFE SKANDIA LIFE SKANDIA LIFE! That should blow a few fuses.

I then wandered round to Piccolo Mondo, a brilliant but tiny restaurant near Skandia House that we always used to use and met up with Ruth Le Mesurier and Sue Marsh. We three nearly always used to meet up on a Wednesday and put the world to right, but now in 2009 we find that only Sue is still working for Skandia. Ruth has more or less retired and I am making a crust leaping around like a gert big Tudor Jessie. We had a lovely meal and a good laugh and joke about life in general, but all too soon it was time for me to be on my way. Sue and Ruth both say when they Google their names, they only ever come up on this blog. Well, glad to have given them a couple more hits!


Sir Tim Webb said...

Oi! You big poof!!

For people reading this, I used to work with "Charlie" at Skandia, I still have the twitch to prove it, oh for a return to the days of annoying Beardo and JC and hating Torode and trying to escape from Janet Mabey, happy days!
Now 40, and fatter, I gaze at Cruise ships coming up Southampton water, no idea what i'm doing, so no change there then!
Good to see you doing well Mike, I expect a feature film will be the next step! Maybe you and Vinny Jones could do something together?
Anyway, ahoy hoy
Yes, still living in the same house with my brother, but I have a girlfriend now, a real one.

Anonymous said...