Monday, January 05, 2009

A Happy New Henry Year

2009 dawns, so a Happy New Year to all regular readers of this nonsense. 2008 was a year of quite tumultuous change in my private life, however, Henry continues as per normal. Today sees 2009 kicking off with a talk to a local branch of U3A. "Who hell they?" I hear you cry. Well a few years ago I would have said the same thing, then my dear late lamented grandfather came home one day and proudly announced he had joined U3A, or University of the Third Age to give them their full title. With a name like that I imagined he'd end up brainwashed in a ranch near Waco with National Guardsmen trying to blow his eyebrows off with automatic rifles. But it is a rather groovy group of OAP's who like to learn new things and consequently they have meetings, talks, outings etc. It's like Saga crossed with the Rough Ramblers. Well I have been approached by the Crewkerne brance of U3A and I am doing a talk for them this afternoon. Wednesday I am in Southampton making my annual, but this time belated visit, to all my old chums at dear old Skandia Life, where I used to work. Then on Friday I am back on BBC Somerset for the Morning Panel - only without the Sainted Jo Phillips! SHE HAS LEFT!! ARGH! I am still in touch with the lovely lady, and her replacement is the almost equally gifted and lovely Emma Britton, so it's not all bad - but it just won't be the same! So if you get a chance to listen in to BBC Somerset this Friday between 9 and 10am, you will hear my dulcet tones - you lucky people!
Why the picture above? It makes me laugh. It was taken during my last run in Henry's Horrid History at Leeds Castle a year or so back and I am looking at the cup and ball game in my hand with a sort of quizzical look. Anyone care to put a caption to it? Email me at a special mention in this blog for the winning entry!

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