Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Coalway Junior, Coleford, Gloucestershire

Here is a new look at the picture a nice chap called Roger Harris of www.colourpencils.co.uk is doing of me. He took a series of photos of me at Dillington House last August and this is his handiwork so far. All done with colour pencils! Amazing.
Today I was back at an old favourite - Coalway Junior in Coleford in Gloucestershire. This was my fifth visit to this lovely school and it just seems to get better each year. I was warmly welcomed and given a cup of tea. I soon got all the props in but then found my car was stuck on the children's playground as the only route off it was blocked by a car belonging to someone unknown! By the time I had found them and got the car moved the children were already seated in the hall - and I wasn't in my Henry gear. I rushed around in a very passable impression of a fly suffering with a blue tinge to it's derriere and we were off. It was just a fantastic day. The kids were wonderful, the teachers delightful and all in all a day you could not complain about. The afternoon was a riot, particularly helped by a wonderful little lad I picked out to be my punished beggar as he was completely deadpan all the way through. He was hilarious. The final joust was also good with the gents just pipping the ladies to the win. I was then heaped with praise by the teachers for my work which was very humbling and gratifying, and then I was on my way back home. I will now settle down and cheer on Inter Milan against Man Utd. Mind you, if Man Utd were playing the Taliban I would be cheering on the loonies in the big beards.
Tomorrow I am at North Town School in Taunton.

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