Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Park School, Yeovil

After last weeks snow and ice I was looking forward to a week of getting back to work. And then there was last night's TV weather forecast. I knew it was going to be bad as the girl put on a black cap first and had a vulture perched on her shoulder. It was a forecast of biblical proportions - snow, gales, thunder, lightning, flooding, luddites, witchcraft and the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse "getting medieval" in Taunton. A typical Monday evening really. Just before bed last night I had a look out of the window and saw snow fluttering down and settling on the cars parked outside. Here we go - I thought. And so to bed.
I had a restless night listening to the wind howling round the windows of my flat. In my mind's eye I could see huge snow drifts piling up by my front door and polar bears rampaging through Crewkerne shopping centre, mind you I had been eating cheese. I woke up at about 5.30am and, somewhat pensively I pulled open the windows to see..... a completely clear scene. No snow, some rain and a blowy wind. A huge sigh of relief!
I had last been at The Park School in Yeovil back in January 2006, but it was a wonderful welcome I got on my return. Great teachers, lovely kids and, cropping up again, my dear friend, the gorgeous Belinda Stephens, late of Charlton Horethorne and North Petherton! It was great to see her! We had a fun half day, with a mixture of years 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6. Loads of laughs, nice cups of tea, wild stocks session and a rip roaring joust which the ladies waltzed away with! After such a good time I just hope it isn't another three years before I am back there again.
Tomorrow, another half day, this time down at Totton near Southampton. So wish me another friendly weather forecast tonight!

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