Monday, January 23, 2006

Brookside - and not a hostage situation in sight...

Back in the swing of things today. It was back to being England's most infamous monarch. Today, although just a half day, was up at Brookside School in Street, near Glastonbury. I had last visited this school back in September 2004, but they had re-booked me. It was great to be back. The drive over is one of those really annoying cross-country efforts where you never get above 40 mph and it seems to last forever, even though it was just over 20 miles. All the old familiar faces were there, including one chap I recognised but who had moved to Brookside from Huish Episcopi School in Langport, a school I had visited back in November 2004 - he remembered me!
The class were great, really attentive, very interested and very lively. Just what you want a school class to be. The early part of the morning session in particular I felt went really well. I was hitting all the important information right and the gags were flowing fast and furious. The children and teachers were really enjoying it! Then we had the mid-morning break - and afterwards I felt like I was rubbish! I kept fluffing lines and wasn't at my best, but bless 'em the kids seemed to enjoy it. Inevitably the girls won the jousting AGAIN and I left with a nice cheque in my pocket and a warm glow from doing a pretty good day.
Amanda, James and I went into Yeovil in the afternoon. We needed a few bits and pieces, and James as ever did particularly well coming away with a new Brum DVD (one of his favourite TV programmes) and a happy meal from MacDonalds, just don't tell his Auntie Susan (swampie!) or his Grandpa (just general MacDonalds HATER). In the evening had another chat with Ruth Le Mesurier about my tax return and I have vowed to finish the perishing thing tomorrow. Gnash!
Not a bad day. Tomorrow? The Park School in Yeovil...

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