Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Park School - Yeovil

Another day another Henry visit. Luckily it was nice and local and I had a feeling it would be quite easy. The early part of the morning was far from it. I knew where the Park School was as my wife had guided me there so I would have no trouble finding it. Yes, I found it, but it was the wrong part. The Park School has a senior section as well! The Junior section was tucked away in a back road near Tesco's new massive store in town. I finally found it after a nearly nasty altercation with an over officious caretaker. The day was great. The kids were brilliant, they seemed to enjoy the morning thoroughly (it was only a half day) and had some great knowledge of the Tudors. For a change the boys won the jousting and made off with their booty of the certificates, and a couple of the year 6 kids were kind enough to help me load all my junk back in my car. What a lovely school and a nice day all round. I am looking after my little chap James today as Amanda is at work herself. He has just been chasing our cat upstairs but is pleading his innocence. The little pleader. I know you did it James, as I watched you.
Tomorrow? Trull. Not a 1980's sci fi fantasy film but a small village just about outside Taunton. A full day and should be fun all round. I will tell you tomorrow.

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