Friday, January 27, 2006

Trull Primary School

Trull village, on finding it on the outskirts of Taunton, was a delight. Beautiful old houses, higgledy-piggledy lanes, and a lovely old church which began ringing 8 o'clock as I pulled up in the car outside the school. The school has recently undergone a facelift of Joan Collins-type proportions and is a wonderful building. It has only been fully re-opened for the last month or so and is spectacular, as far as any small school building can be considered spectacular.
The teachers, as ever, were wonderfully inviting, friendly and full of good humour. The kids all arrived in wonderful costumes, some were so good I found it hard to believe parents had put in such effort, but they had and it looked great. For the morning session in the hall we had some of the Mums of the pupils in to watch and join in, and they seemed to really enjoy themselves. The kids did too!
The afternoon session whipped through and in one of the closest finishes we have had in a long long time, the girls came through to snatch victory from the boys. One of the young lads showed great sportsmanship by congratulating the girls straight away. An incredibly grown up thing to do. After some help from three of the lads from the class I was on my way home. A really nice day and a really nice school. Oh, and the village is nice as well!
The next few weeks are going to be manic to say the least. I have a meeting at Leeds Castle this weekend, then a show in Canterbury. A quick visit to the Paragon school in Bath on the Thursday and then off to Essex for a week, then Kent for TWO weeks. I shall be exhausted but rich come the end of February. All this and my wife is 40 next week. Bless.

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