Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Coalway Junior, Coleford

Today was my third visit in three years to one of the loveliest schools you could ever wish to find! I was back up at Coalway Junior in Coleford in Gloucestershire. It is a pleasant, if somewhat long drive up to the place, being only just short of 100 miles and taking in crossing the Severn Bridge and going up through Chepstow, but some of the views when driving up into rural Gloucestershire are just delightful - or I should say they usually are, this morning was somewhat fog enshrouded. It was nice to get to the school again. Yet again I had the two classes of year fives who were really sparky and great fun. They really got into the making of their own coats of arms and also showed a fine and deep knowledge of the whole Tudor family.
After lunch the gruesome Tudor punishments were greeted with the usual mixtures of "Ewwwwwww!" and laughter! The jousting was just magnificent with the grand final between the ladies and the gents going right down to the wire, with the ladies coming from behind to pip the lads as they struggled with their last quoit. Marvellous stuff.
The drive home was relatively easy and I have this evening been sifting through loads of great photos sent to me of the party last weekend. These are great mementoes of a wonderful night. Everyone who came seemed to enjoy themselves and I have been requested to organise another party next year! I shall see...
Next Henry... St Michael's Junior, Wimborne on Friday.

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