Friday, February 09, 2007

Westonzoyland Junior

What a lovely day! No, not the weather, which is unlike the rest of Britain at the moment. The rest of Britain is currently doing a very passable impression of Antarctica, here in deepest rural Somerset it is wet with a capital splosh. It has poured down all day from a leaden sky that seemed to get lower by the minute.
I drove out to the school at Westonzoyland through enormous puddles and with the cricket on the radio. We skittled the Aussies for 252, but as I tuned in we were reduced to 14-3. I gave up at this point as I had arrived at the school. I received a lovely warm welcome from all the teachers and my fears were calmed somewhat as I was under the impression I was with just years 2 and 3 for the day, who might be a little young to get all the jokes and references. I had no such worries. I was in with everyone from year 2 to year 6, and the little ones got it just as much as the older ones! We had a wonderful day. So many laughs from such a wonderful group of children. They really knew their Tudor stuff as well. We over ran slightly on each session, just purely as the children were enjoying themselves so much and laughing.
At lunch time I was presented with some fan mail from some of the children, which was very sweet, and I was inundated with more later! I shall see if I can put some of them on the wesbite in the next few days.
The afternoon was quite riotous with so much fun and laughter that I had to quieten it down a bit at times! The jousting was of a prodigiously high standard, with the boys winning AGAIN! I left with the endorsement of some of the children still ringing in my ears - they said: "you are the best visitor we have ever had at this school!" I was deeply touched. It is nice to know that your work is appreciated.
When I left this morning, I left a note on the front door in case someone might actually come and deliver my piano at last. When I got back the note had been updated to say that a delivery had been made and was with my next door neighbour, Geoff. I went over to Geoff and he proudly told me he had a parcel for me. I was very excited. Until he produced a big box of Lush bath products for my wife which had been sent to her as a birthday present from my sister. DOH! So, still no piano.
Finally, England have thrashed the Aussies with Paul Collingwood playing a heroes innings. I should have listened longer, shouldn't I?

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