Thursday, February 08, 2007

St Margaret's Junior School, Tintinhull

I am still getting over a very traumatic day yesterday. First of all I was to sit at home and wait for the delivery of my 40th birthday present from everyone, namely a brand new digital piano! So, I began waiting at about 8.30am. And I carried on waiting. I waited sitting down, and I waited standing up, which is pretty much the same only taller. I carried on waiting. I was soon up to Olympic Standard waiting and still I waited some more. After numerous more waits, it became apparent that the piano wasn't turning up. I had wasted a complete day when I had so much I needed to do. I had to get to the bank, post office and over to Ilminster to see Tris, and I got to do none of it. Nothing. In the evening I sat and watched England against Spain from Old Trafford. We were pants. And we lost. Then just when I thought a Wednesday evening could get no worse, my wife came downstairs to let me know she had broken this computer when she plugged her I-Pod into it. Great. After several muttered oaths and use of colourful language, I went to bed.
Today I was over at St Margaret's Junior School at Tintinhull near Yeovil, the very village that Paddy Ashdown lives in. Or did, anyway. I had to give these poor people a hand written invoice for the day, which was mightily embarrassing. However, the day (only a half day I hasten to add) was a stonker. Great kids, very lively, only about 20 of them and some really enthusiastic and friendly teachers. We had a great morning. The boys again won the jousting so this is turning into something of a habit for them. After stopping off at Crewkerne on the way home, my wife informed me that the PC was being repaired at a cost of about £90 which wasn't too bad, my piano STILL hadn't turned up, my wife's Tudor costume for my 40th HAD turned up and everything seemed to be returning to normal. As you can see, the PC is fine and dandy (I am typing this blog on the very machine I believed to be dead) and fingers crossed, it has many years of appalling blogs to be typed on it from now on!
Tomorrow, I am up bright and early and off to Westonzoyland near Bridgwater for more Tudor frolics!

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