Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Riverview Junior School, Gravesend

This was the day that might have been! I was due to appear at Riverview Junior School in Gravesend, Kent alongside a BBC film crew for an upcoming BBC3 documentary about people with red hair and how it has affected their working lives. I, of course, could not be the Henry VIII I am without having my red hair (unlike some Henry's I have seen around the country!), and the Beeb were very keen to get me on board and have me filmed "in action" at a school. I had mentioned that I was appearing at Riverview School, which being in Kent was a lot closer than Somerset and some of my other haunts. Obviously the BBC are a little like Giles Coren and are not that keen to venture too far away from their west London stamping grounds. Anyway, it was arranged with the BBC and the school for the filming to go ahead. However, on Sunday I got a call from the producer saying that Riverview School had pulled out of the day. When I asked why she said it was because they had discovered the title of the programme - and when I found out I could hardly blame them! The BBC, in their infinite wisdom, had decided to call this programme: "F-Off, I'm Ginger". Now you can see why the school said no!
Anyway, I drove up to Kent on Monday to stay at my sister's house. We had a nice evening as her husband and I both fell asleep in front of the TV after dinner and snored all through "Trial and Retribution", much to my sister's annoyance. Up early this morning and off to Gravesend. Even if the BBC weren't going to be there, I was determined to make it a good day. The teachers were lovely and friendly as ever, the children were great for such a big group (120+) and the school dinner quite spectacularly good! What more could a King ask for? The gentlemen won the jousting session at the end of the day and all the children posed for some great photos in their fabulous Tudor costumes. A visit to Riverview Junior is always a pleasure and I was not disappointed this time. Here's to next year.
I am next on parade on Thursday when I am on a half day at St Margaret's School in Tintinhull, near Yeovil.

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