Monday, February 19, 2007

North Somerset Museum, Weston-super-Mare

As it is half term, Henry's like me get the chance to do visits that aren't the usual school days. Today was one of those days and also included me going to Weston-super-Mare for the first time in my life. All I really knew of Weston was that (a) it was by the sea, and (b) it is the birthplace of John Cleese.
Luckily the museum was very easy to find (if you have a sat nav) and I could unload parked just outside it. I was welcomed by all the staff, who were without fail, warm, cheerful and very friendly. After dumping all the stuff from the "Henry-mobile" (for this, read "Elderly Green Honda Accord"), I had to then go and park it in a nearby car park.. Obviously the word "nearby" has a completely different meaning in Weston-super-Mare. This place was about a mile away, three times the size of a football pitch and with only one working ticket machine for the pay and display, which just happened to be about 500 yards from where I parked. My, how we laughed.
I trekked back to the Museum and got changed into my glad rags. It was a lovely day! Lots of people coming and going, lots of lovely friendly children, some really cute little ones and some happy jolly parents and grandparents. I wandered about a little, tootled on my instruments and chatted to anyone who came within earshot of me. The "So Solid Crew" from Bristol were a bit much to take, but I had a good laugh with and at them from time to time.
Had some lovely photos taken by lots of different people, and posed right at the end with an almost too cute little lady called Isis and her stunning Mother! All that was needed then was to put everything away, have a quick "Great March" over to get the car back from the back of beyond, drive back to the Museum, throw everything in the car and then head for home. And here I am! It was a lovely day today, thoroughly enjoyable at a wonderful Museum. Go and visit it if you are in Weston - you won't be disappointed!

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