Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blundell's Prep School, Tiverton

Yet another return visit today. This time to Blundell's Preparatory School in Tiverton in Devon. Mind you, the last time I was here it was called St Aubyn's Preparatory School. Obviously changed their name via deed poll.
It was an absolute delight to be back here today. As usual I was very pleased to find all the children in some magnificent costumes. My welcome was just as warm and friendly as it had been last time. The morning was great fun, if a little disjointed as some morning's at private schools can be! Their subtle timing differences with state schools always throw me a bit. There was some really good coats of arms made up today and also a really good display of general Tudor knowledge.
Lunch was a sumptuous chicken curry with rice, poppadoms and mango chutney - lovely. It was nice to meet the headmaster as well, namely Nick Folland, formerly of Somerset County Cricket Club.
The afternoon there was only really time for a fun stocks session and then a grand jousting tournament that started very quietly, but then built up to a blasting crescendo. The ladies this time won with a brilliant display of teamwork and speed!
The picture above is a nice one from when I took part in BBC TV's "Rolf on Art" show when it came "live" from Trafalgar Square back in September 2005. Don't believe what you read from various other Henry's on line - there was more than one Henry at the show. I should know, I was one of three.

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