Monday, May 14, 2007

Medstead Primary, Hampshire

It was a nasty shock for me first thing this morning... I had set my alarm to go off at 5.30am for the long drive to Hampshire and my visit to Medstead Primary School. My sat nav had indicated it would take me about two hours to get there and I like to be at a school as soon after 8am as I can possibly manage. Therefore my shock was complete when my wife woke me at nearly 6.30am and asked me what time I was getting up. 6.30? ARGH! I wanted to be out of the house by 6.15am! Somehow I managed to get showered, shaved and everything else in about 10 minutes flat and was on my way! I shot through the traffic and managed to arrive at the school at about 8.30am. It was lovely to see Helen Poore again - she had booked me about two years ago at a school in Long Sutton in Hampshire, and now she was working at Medstead she decided to inflict me on these children.
We had a superb day. We began in one of the classrooms with everyone in together. After an extended break for a morning assembly the morning continued apace. The children were bright and sparky and showed the usual high knowledge of all things Tudor related. We had a couple of young deaf lads in and I shared the stage with their signer, whilst I also wore a booster mic for one of them who had a cochlear implant.
After a fine lunch of Toad NOT in the hole (the sausages and the batter pudding were served seperately!) it was back in the hall for hanging drawing and quartering, a belt round with the stocks, and then a rip roaring joust which, getting back to the usual routine, the ladies won! The final stages of the joust were enhanced by some of the parents for the group turning up. I was therefore photographed more times than I care to mention!
Tomorrow, I am off to Tiverton in Devon for a return visit to what used to be called St Aubyns, but is now known as Blundell's Preparatory School.

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