Friday, May 11, 2007

West Pennard - the second!

There are some Henry days I look back on and think "to be honest, it could have gone better" and then there are days like today. It was damn near perfect! A fabulous school, which I was returning to in it's delightful surroundings over looking the Somerset levels and Glastonbury Tor! It was going to be nice back with one of my all time favourite teachers to work with, Mr Ian Gouge. Ian is just one of life's really nice people. I know Michael Palin sometimes gets hacked off with constantly being referred to as Mr Nice, but if he ever gets fed up with the title, Ian can take it off him with ease! First thing in the morning Ian told me how good his class were this year, and he was not wrong. I cannot remember the last time I went through a whole Henry day without having to have at least a quiet word in someone's ear about their behaviour. The children were fantastic - they laughed uproariously at all the jokes, had a splendid level of general Tudor knowledge and were polite, friendly and easy to talk to. It just made my life so simple! As it was only a class of about 27 I rested the whole "carousel" of activities and just sat in on them one by one, starting with the Tudor quiz on the boards. After break the children got stuck into designing their own coat of arms, and as usual we had some fabulous designs with the usual very high Doctor Who content!
After a nice fish and chips lunch, it was into the main hall for the final fling! The stocks were a riot of laughs and lots of fun. The jousting was a fine contest, the much faster but less disciplined boys team just losing out to a good ladies team. I was trapped in the school playground for a while - my car being blocked in by a school bus, but as soon as that was gone I was on my way.
I would like to say a big thank you to Mr Ian Gouge and Year 5 at the school for making a genuinely pleasurable day so memorable!
A nice weekend at leisure coming up, probably spent getting wet judging by the weather forecast! Monday I am down to Hampshire for another Henry bash...

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