Tuesday, May 01, 2007

An Evening Function

It was all back to Essex again for the weekend. I had been booked to appear as Henry at a Ladies Festival Evening for the Epping Forest Masonic Lodge at Furze Hill in Margaretting. It was quite nerve wracking as I was doing the job for some friends of mine. Working just for people who have booked you just because of what you do is hard enough, but when it is friends who have booked you, you know you will have to go the extra mile. I hope they were happy!
It was a lovely, but very warm evening, but my wife looked beautiful in her new dress and with her new hair style and it was a pleasure to dance the night away with her!
We stayed on in Essex until the Monday, enjoying our 7th wedding anniversary on Sunday the 29th April on the way. A lovely time!
I have just picked up some new bookings from new schools in Taunton and Christchurch, and the Somerset County Museum want me to do an "Evening with Henry VIIIth" in July. I shall post more details as and when they become more solid.

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