Thursday, April 26, 2007

Don't Get Too Excited...

Now I have no wish to cause the nation's pulse rate to rocket through the roof, but I have heard today from a very nice lady called Pam that my tender-stem broccoli, won during my triumphant four days on the BBC Radio 2 programme Steve Wright in the Afternoon's Big Quiz, will be arriving next Monday! Or possibly Tuesday! Huzzah! Now this really is the big time! We have already received the cast iron wok to cook it all in. That was a bit of a shock when it arrived - it was huge. It is going to be like trying to cook in Jodrell Bank. Maybe a case of wok and awe? Oh, never mind. Anyway, next week we shall be getting stuck into our tender stem broccoli - and I can't wait! Who says general knowledge doesn't pay? Or is it crime? Who cares.
Back to Essex this weekend for a Masonic evening as Henry. Should be fun.

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