Saturday, April 07, 2007

First Day at Barrington...

Today had a less than auspicious start. Instead of having a nice pleasant morning pottering around a local garden centre (original plan for this Easter Weekend), we discovered that my wife's car had a bald tyre. Upon taking it to Bathwick Tyres in Yeovil we discovered it needed FOUR new tyres. It turned out it would have been cheaper to have taken my wife to the garden centre after all!
After a quick lunch I was about to leave for Barrington Court for my 2pm to 4pm stint when I suddenly realised I hadn't had a shave for a couple of days and Henry looked decidedly fuzzy. I hammered through a quick shave which led to the inevitable screaming, blood and pieces of toilet paper stuck to my face and neck. I must have looked a less than Right Royal sight when I arrived!
The weather was fantastic and the turn out remarkable. Both car parks were full to bursting point. I strolled around the gardens in my full gear chatting to various visitors and posing for photos. It was all good fun. Then a lovely surprise! My cousins Anne and Jack from Portesham in Dorset arrived with their son Peter, his lovely wife Sue and their children (and I hope I get all these names right!) Sam, Jenny, Amelia and Anna! It was delightful to see them all. Sadly, at the end of the day I missed meeting them for a quick cup of tea as they went to the posh restaurant at Barrington and I (being me!) headed for the equally nice but more relaxed atmosphere of Beagles Cafe. Never mind. I chatted to them on the phone this evening and explained my silliness. It is back to Barrington tomorrow for more of the same, and the weather forecast is good for the next two days. This is one happy King!

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