Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Royal Progress Continues...

My third day arrives for my appearances on the BBC Radio 2 Show, Steve Wright in the Afternoon. I was still the reigning champnio (sic) on their "The Big Quiz". Today my opponent on line was a very nice sounding chap from Edinburgh who drove a cab for a living and had once had J K Rowling in the back of his taxi!
My questions came thick and fast, and luckily for once I wasn't too thick and quite fast at answering. I managed to rack up a score of 11. The other chap did quite well and managed to get to 7, but basically to cut a long story short I had won again! Champnio AGAIN! My prize today was four tickets to the "Countryside Rocks" concert featuring among others Bryan Ferry, Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood and various other super annuated superstars. I must pack my green wellies.
So I am back tomorrow for more - will the King's reign continue for another day, giving me a grand total of four days and nearly halfway through the entire reign of Lady Jane Grey when she became Queen.
BBC Radio 2 - 88 to 91 FM. The Big Quiz is on at about 3.45pm each weekday. Wish me luck again.

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