Monday, April 09, 2007

Barrington Court - Part III

Today is my Father's 70th birthday, but today was also my final appearance of the weekend at Barrington Court. The previous two days had been bathed in beautiful bright warming sunlight, but today dawned a little over cast with the occasional break in the clouds. Yesterday's "Carry on Henry" was replaced with a slightly quieter day today. There was still plenty of people about, but not the rush of Sunday.
It was an extra pleasure for me today as Amanda and James were coming over to see me in action as the King. The only problem with this is that occasionally I would be embroiled in talking to someone as Henry, when James would suddenly appear between us and shout "Hello Daddy! I love you!" and would then run off. Quite difficult to keep up the facade of being Henry VIIIth when that happens. It was another good day and it was nice to meet Amanda and James, and our friend Alison Barling and her children and parents, for a nice relaxing non-alcoholic drink at the Beagles Cafe after I had finished being the King.

Back home for a relaxing evening and a good chortle at watching "Most Haunted".

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