Sunday, April 08, 2007

Barrington Court - Part II

A long Easter Sunday for me. This began with the shock of my alarm going off at 6am so that I could make my way down to Ilchester. I was down that neck of the woods for the car boot sale at the playing fields there. I had a pretty good day and certainly didn't freeze as I did last week!
I got home for a brief lunch with Amanda and James before making my over to Barrington Court for my second appearance of three. I stopped in at the petrol station at Merriott, but as seems the norm these days, they had no fuel again!
Barrington was packed to the rafters, with cars spilling out of both car parks and staff having trouble finding space for the new visitors. I got changed in Matthew Applegate's office and launched out into the bright sunlight to meet the visitors. It was a lovely fun day again, lots of really cute kids dying to meet the King and ask questions, and some great "grown ups" most of whom also had good questions. One lady in particular from the village of Barrington did a fine line in doubles entendres! After she described herself as a simple wench, I made the joke of getting her into the dilapidated stables at Barrington. She complained that "they're coming down already!" before squealing "the stables! I meant the stables!" After that hilarity had died down I had a wander further afield, only to bump into this fine lady again as she came out of the National Trust shop. I had earlier mentioned my Henry work taking me far afield. As soon as she spied me this time she came up to me and asked: "How far do you go?" This naturally prompted me to crack up laughing and her to say again "What have I said?" And so the day went on!
Back there again tomorrow for the final time this Easter. I hope it is as good as today.

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Moonroot said...

Sounds like Carry on Henry - althouogh that's been done, hasn't it...