Sunday, March 01, 2009

Back at Barrington Court

On last Wednesday evening, shortly after buying Matthew Applegate another pint of beer, in a frenzy of bonhomie and beer froth, I offered to come along to Barrington Court the following Saturday for their re-opening day after the winter closure. I would do them a Henry VIIIth walkabout for free as I am such a wonderfully charitable little chap. Saturday dawned nice and bright, and after an early morning trip over to Yeovil to do such boring things as going to the bank, I was on my way to the finest Tudor house in South Somerset for their grand re-opening. I was really looking forward to it.
I got changed and was soon out and about. But where the hell was everyone? It was like a scene from "28 Days Later" to begin with - there was just no one about. But I soon encountered some brave intrepid people who had come to Barrington Court for the day. We had some fun, but despite the weather being so kind, you had to remember it was still only February and there just wasn't going to be masses of people coming in. By 3pm I was flagging and after a quick chat with Matthew I was soon on my way home. I watched the end of the Scotland v Italy rugby match, and then also watched the Ireland v England match. But I had been invited back to Barrington Court for the evening for a soiree celebrating the re-opening. Matthew had intimated that it might not be that much of a success as a bash, but I ventured over there anyway in the hope that something might occur. I was so glad I went. It was a belting evening! It began with Rachel Flynn, Matthew's assistant setting up her Wii console, and various games of Mario Cart, bowling and tennis were played, which became more raucous as the drinks intake level became higher. Then some music was put on and lots of silly dancing and laughing ensued, (see picture above as proof!) none more so than when Matthew Applegate, buoyed by approximately 300 gallons of Barrington cider decided it was time to show us how he could strut his stuff to Fatboy Slim's beautiful ballad that goes "I see you babe, shakin' that ass!" I was crying with laughter as he shuffled about the stage with his bottom sticking out at an acute angle, when it suddenly occurred to me that his dancing prowess showed an amazing likeness to the movements of Mr Jay Kay, aka Jamiroquai. I swear I nearly fell off my chair I laughed so much. The rest of the evening passed in a similar fashion with much merriment, and as I was only drinking orange juice it goes to prove you don't need to be three sheets to the wind to have a good time. But it would appear you do need to be completely shedded to dance like Jamiroquai. Matthew only needed the big furry hat and the likeness would have been complete.
I got home late. What a fantastic evening!


Moonroot said...

That conjures up quite a picture. Don't suppose you took a camera?

Mike Farley said...

I DIDN'T have a camera with me sadly - but I was encouraging others and hopefully some evidence will come my way. MWA-HAHAHAHA!