Tuesday, March 10, 2009

St Michael's School, Wimborne

There comes a point, when you are running a marathon, when you, metaphorically speaking, hit a wall. It usually happens at around the 20 mile mark and leaves the runner exhausted, cramped and with the feeling that he is running through thick treacle, uphill and carrying a big bag or two of shopping. I have a feeling I hit the Henry wall yesterday. It has all been going so well lately, every show has been a winner and I have just sailed through. Yesterday was a fifth return visit to St Michael's School in Wimborne, Dorset and it has always been a favourite of mine to visit, so I was really looking forward to it. So I arrived, set up, got changed, the children came in...and I seemed to hit the wall. I kept fluffing my lines, nothing quite timed and the children seemed very quiet and subdued. It was a such a shame! They had all dressed up in some magnificent Tudor costumes and seemed genuinely enthusiastic, but I really struggled during the morning session. After a nice lunch of chilli con carne I felt I perked up a little and the afternoon seemed much easier. The jousting was great and was won by a superb gents team, two of whom could quite easily have been professional jousters! It was a nice visit to a lovely school and I would love to have been a bit more on the money for the show. The teachers were as kind and friendly as ever. Next year I promise to be better...

After a restfull evening I am now preparing paper work and packing a suitcase as for the next ten days I am up in Essex and Norfolk for a series of shows. Speak to you soon.

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