Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Drayton Junior, Norfolk

After my recent visit to Norfolk, what do I need right now? That's right! Another visit to Norfolk! This was another of those re-organised visits from when we were all snowed in. Drayton is a fabulous school and one that I have visited on a number of occasions, so it was a delight to be back there again. Now, you know you are getting old when the head teachers and deputy heads all look like they have just come from a Ralph Reader Gang Show. The Deputy Head at Drayton looks about 12 years old, but he is a jolly nice chap and very welcoming. He has also come fresh foot from seeing Norwich beat Plymouth over the weekend, so he is also a very happy chap as well as jolly.
We had a great day, as usual at Drayton! The kids were fantastic and the teachers were brilliant. The day just seemed to shoot past at an incredible rate. Lunch was perplexing. I would call them meat balls, but they weren't round. They were more like meat hockey pucks. And what meat were they? I ate one. It was chicken, surely. No, perhaps not. It could be turkey. Hang on. No it's chicken. Or is it. No, tell a lie, it IS turkey. Actually come to think of it I reckon it's a combination of turkey and chicken. Turned out it was pork. I just pray that my Rabbi never finds out.
The afternoon joust was fantastic! The ladies built up a massive lead but the chaps started chipping away at the lead and getting closer and closer, but the ladies JUST held on for a famous victory. Drayton as ever was a fabulous school, welcoming, friendly, happy and a pleasure to visit. I can't wait to see them all again next year.

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