Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Trull again!

For five years I have been coming to Trull school, but I had never been in quite like this before! My new Sat Nav, still smarting from being out manoeuvred by the elderly Doris yesterday (see previous blog entry), decided to get it's own back on me today. The easiest and most straightforward way to get to Trull is go right through the middle of Taunton and turn off just before you get to the turn off for Musgrove Park Hospital - keep going then turn off to your left and there you find the lovely village of Trull in all it's quaintness. But not today, oh no. My sat nav started squawking about turning off and going another way - I was early and thought what the heck, let's give it a try. It ended up being like a Somerset countryside version of the Paris-Dakkar rally. I went down some of the smallest roads you have ever seen and nearly got wiped out by two insane farmers in their 4x4's. But it did make me appreciate even more than before just how lovely Trull is as a village, and what a fantastic school it is as well.
I was warmly greeted but then had to sit around for three quarters of an hour as their was a school assembly, this eventually finished and we were off and running. It was nice to hear so much enthusiasm and knowledge from the children as the day progressed. They knew a lot of good Tudor stuff! After a first class morning of fun and frolics, I popped up to the little shop in Trull village for some lunch. The choice of food was far superior to yesterday, but then a UNICEF feeding station probably has a better choice of fast foods than yesterday. So I got a nice looking sandwich, a bottle of drink and a pepperami - all going well so far. Would I like a bag to put this all in? Not 'arf! The nice lady in the shop gets out a second hand plastic bag and stuffs my grub in it and hands it over - only for me to discover that the previous contents of the bag seem to have been most world stocks of moth balls. So I got back to the school and moth balls, and ate my chicken sandwich with moth balls, nibbled a pepperami with moth balls and swigged a few mouth fulls of Pepsi Max - now with added moth balls. All that and not a Rock Hyrax in sight.
The afternoon was insane, loads of pictures were taken and a very tightly contested joust was won by the ladies with a quoit or two to spare (and some moth balls).
I drove home in the howling wind and rain and by now, just after eight o'clock, I am ready for bed already. Poor old devil. Tomorrow I am back on BBC Somerset with the lovely Emma Britton on the morning show. Please listen in!

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