Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Great Abington, Gorlstone & Wickford - in that order.

Another exhausting week of Henry Tudor lunacy. It kicked off on Sunday when I had to drive to Essex for my base at my parent's house in Mountnessing. I will have to make the most of this as they are threatening to move down to Wales. Who will I stay with then in Essex???
Anyway, the Monday morning dawned bright and early and I was off to Cambridgeshire for a visit to Great Abington Junior School. Now my sat nav, known and loved as "Doris" was having tremendous difficulty in finding Great Abington. It was only when I got to the village I could see why. Although the village is listed on maps and signposts as either Great or Little Abington, it is only one village called simply Abington, which is how Doris was seeing it. Never mind. It was a very cute little school with some fine children. The group I had was only 20 strong, and all little year 3's, but they came up trumps and we had a fine day!
The next morning I was up at the same time for a jaunt up to Stradbroke School in Gorlstone near Great Yarmouth for a return visit to this school for the first time in two years. It was nice to be back there. A really friendly school, tremendous children, gorgeous Cottage Pie lunch and a terrific jousting tournament. You really can't ask for much more than that! That evening my parents and I went over to our friends Ros and Mike Bloomfield in Great Dunmow for a wonderful evening of takeaway curry and fine drinks. Lovely evening!
Today I have been back to Wickford Junior School in Essex for a return visit, almost one year to the day since my previous trip. I love Wickford Junior! The children are always really sparky and funny, the teachers are all either nice friendly chaps or gorgeous mad women! We had laughs aplenty and a good time did seem to be had by all. The jousting was one of the closest finishes I have seen in many a year, with the ladies snatching victory by mere millimetres from the gents. Great stuff!
Tonight I am taking my Mother out to dinner at a new Italian restaurant in the village of Stock near Billericay (where I used to live!). Tomorrow, I am back for my fourth visit to the Robert Kett Junior School at Wymondham, near Norwich in Norfolk. It should be fun. It usually is!

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