Saturday, November 10, 2007

Robert Kett Junior, Wymondham & Pendragon Primary, Papworth Everard

My long week away on the road finally came to an end. My penultimate date was at Robert Kett Junior in Wymondham near Norwich. This was my fourth year back at the same school and I was really looking forward to seeing everyone. I was not to be disappointed! As usual they had me doing a slightly alternative version of my day, but with a crowd of nearly 160 children it was probably wise!
It went really well, with lots of laughs from the children and various jokes about knees (I guess you have to be there to appreciate just how funny knees in Norfolk can be!). The costumes of the children and the teachers were, again a sight to behold. Marvellous stuff! The ladies won the jousting by a whisker and I was soon on my way home. Sadly, I endured an awful journey back stuck behind a stubborn tractor driver who seemed hell bent on garnering the largest tail back behind a slow moving agricultural vehicle in history. He would NOT pull into a lay by or let anyone by. If I'd had a gun I'd have shot his tyres out!
Friday morning had me driving up the M11 to Cambridgeshire and the village of Papworth Everard and Pendragon Junior School. After a surprising "welcome" from the head teacher I was soon with my regular teachers for the day and they were lovely! The children were a spectacularly good group - but by now, my previous three weeks of almost non-stop Henry work was catching up with me. I felt like I fluffed my lines and kept getting my historical bits muddled up. However, the teachers were very kind and polite and said everything was fine.
The final joust was a belter with the ladies JUST claiming victory over a very good boys team. I drove back to my parent's house, had dinner and then changed my mind about driving back to Somerset that evening. I was just too tired. So I had an early night, got up early and drove home this morning. I got back just after 9am.
We went into Yeovil today and after some shopping and banking work, we went to Palmers for some fine fish and chips for lunch. I am a little more awake now!
Next week I am in Swansea and Chandler's Ford!

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