Thursday, November 01, 2007

Parkfield Junior, Taunton

It was back to the wonderful Parkfield Junior School in Taunton today - home of the indomitable Mr Sides, the Head Teacher. This was my third visit to the school in three years, and it is always just such a pleasure to go there. As usual I was Royally treated, lots of friendly banter with some terrific teachers, and had some great fun with the children who had dressed up in some quite wonderful Tudor costumes for the day.
Mr Sides met me first thing and as usual was a fine and entertaining host. I set up in the main hall and the children came through to meet me just after 9am. The morning went really well - the children's general knowledge of Tudor times was superb. The teachers had done a wonderful job.
Lunchtime, I was treated to a sandwich. Now this may not sound much, but these very wonderful people at Parkfield not only walked down to Tesco's to get my sarnie, they also steadfastly refused to let me pay for it. Who could ask for better treatment than that?
The afternoon shot past very quickly, and the jousting was of a particularly high standard with the gents just managing to steal victory in the grand final against the ladies champs. After packing away Mr Sides immediately invited me back again next year and I was more than happy to accept.
I drove home pausing in Ilminster to visit the bank and also to treat myself to a slice of tiffin from Sara's Dairy in Silver Street. If you are ever in Ilminster - do yourself a favour, go and see the lovely ladies in Sara's Dairy and try a bit of their tiffin. Your taste buds will love you forever.
Tomorrow I am up at Compton Dundon school. My first visit to this school and my first trip back to that village since my appearance there during the Royal Progress in August (see this Blog passim). I shall tell you all about it tomorrow.

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