Thursday, August 09, 2007

5 and 4 Days to Go...

OK OK, I know I didn't blog yesterday - I just didn't seem to find the time. I popped up to Compton Dundon again yesterday to put some more posters up for the upcoming shows.
I forgot to add that I got another phone call the other night from Blackwolf the Dragonmaster again! He does phone quite late at night which is a real pity as that as we have a young child in the house, my wife and I are usually so exhausted we go to bed at some criminally early hour! Sorry about that, oh Grand Wizard!
I was on BBC Somerset in the end, they came along and I was on air and interviewed at the end of the "Drive" programme, at nearly 7pm. It went well though and I got to plug the tour.
Today I have picked up copies of the Western Gazette (the tour is in the "What's On" section), the "View From Crewkerne" (not a mention!) and The Chard and Ilminster News (again a good feature on the tour). It is all grist to the mill.

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