Tuesday, August 07, 2007

6 Days to Go...

A lot of driving was done today. I prepared posters for the Compton Dundon show, the Stoke-sub-Hamdon show and the Clapton show. First I stopped in at Crewkerne to see if I could get some of the Clapton and Stoke one's up. Bilby's of course were more than obliging. Other places less so. For instance the tourist information office in the main square complained how big the posters were.
Next I drove up to Glastonbury to get some posters out for the Compton Dundon show. Rainbow's End cafe were very helpful, but yet again the tourist information office were less than excited, once more complaining about the size of the poster. Sorry chaps, but this is my livelihood.
I stopped in at Compton Dundon itself and the very nice chap in the pub very obligingly took a poster, and then I stopped off at Somerton and left a few more at some different places, including in the Library.
I have spoken to BBC Somerset and I am being featured on the website in an in-depth interview, plus they probably want me to appear on a mid-morning show on Friday, but I am waiting for confirmation on that one. Finally, they have just called back to say the "Drive Time" show wants to interview me "live" on air at about 6.15pm, or in other words in about 20 minutes! Watch this space...

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