Monday, August 13, 2007

Seavington Millennium Hall - The Royal Progress!

And so the Royal Progress begins... I drove over to Jo and Pete's place at Haselbury Plucknet to pick up Jim, my little roadie (as opposed to my little pony) for the week. We got over to Seavington St Michael (where the hall is) but first had to go to Seavington St Mary (where the key was) - are you all taking notes about this? I met the nice lady with the key and her lovely cocker spaniel, Scooby, before heading back to the hall. Jim and I put out the seats, with enough for about 50-60 people. We then had the hanging around and waiting until anything happened.
My biggest fear about this whole tour has been the "what if no one comes?" thoughts. As it was, some people came - 9 in all. 10 if you count the Western Gazette photographer who turned up halfway through. But they were a good hardy little bunch. Four adults and five children. They all laughed and seemed to enjoy themselves with the talk, and the jousting was a rip roaring affair. They went off happy, and Jim cleared away the chairs while I got changed. A good day I suppose. Would have been nice to see more people.
Tomorrow I have the radio show to do in the morning at BBC Somerset, then Jim and I are off to Compton Dundon for more Henry shennanigans! See you there... (please)

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