Sunday, August 19, 2007

Barrington Court - Day One

For this Tudor Day at Barrington Court, a sou'wester or even an aqua-lung would have been more appropriate than the Tudor robes I was wearing! This was possibly the worst weather I have ever encountered when doing an outdoor "Henry", and that includes the dreadful downpours that afflicted this year at Sudeley Castle (see this blog passim). The rain came hammering in horizontally, you could see it billowing through the howling winds.
Normally a Saturday in August at Barrington Court would see the car park full to bursting with the chance of the overflow car parks being used a real possibility. Today the main car park was barely half full and the overflows stayed resolutely locked all day. The few hardy souls who dared to brave this weather were lovely and it was great to see them all.
Matthew Applegate is away on holiday at the moment, so I was left in the tender mercies of his new assistant (Helen Appleyard having moved on to pastures new). The new assistant is called Simon and is a really nice, though quite horrifyingly young, gent! He looks like some of the children I see at the schools I visit. But I know Matthew rates him very highly and he certainly seemed to know his job. He took some photos of me posed in different parts of the main Court House which I shall hopefully get some copies of to post on here.
Anyway, today is another day at Barrington Court and the weather, dare I say it and not wishing to tempt fate, looks far better than yesterday. The wind is still blowing but it's dry and the sun is shining.

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