Monday, August 20, 2007

Barrington Court - Day Two

Day two dawned at Barrington Court with a far better looking morning. OK, it was still blowing a hoolie, but the skies were mostly clear and the sun was threatening to shine. It was dry, the billowing rain and wind from the previous day had gone.
It was much busier at the Court house today. A lot of people were coming in, yes enticed by the good weather and a chance to meet Henry VIII, but also because a lot of local shows and events had been postponed and cancelled because of the limits on moving livestock with the foot and mouth outbreak.
I met one lovely couple from Billericay in Essex, where I used to live! There was also a couple from Detling in Kent, literally about a mile from where my sister lives. Best of all, who should be here today, but dear little Isis and her beautiful Mother, Holly, late of Weston-super-Mare and Sudeley Castle (see this blog passim). Isis did me a lovely picture which I am going to scan and send to Steve French so he can upload it onto the website. It shows Henry VIII dreaming about his six wives. It was so nice to see them again. My favourite fans! Bless them both.
Towards the end of the afternoon it started to quieten down and I showed what a marvellously benevolent King I am by giving Holly and Isis a lift to Taunton Station so they could get home safe and sound. It was so lovely to see them.
Today I am back on the Royal Progress Trail at East Coker near Yeovil, but I am not holding my breath about numbers. I have pushed all the other shows and no one turned up, where as today's show I haven't had a chance to do much publicity at all, so it will be interesting to see if anyone turns up at all. Watch this space...

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