Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Norton-sub-Hamdon - the Royal Progress Finale

The final day of the Royal Progress got off to a less than auspicious start. I went over to Norton-sub-Hamdon early and dished out some posters at the Lord Nelson Pub, the little local shop and popped a couple up next to the main bus stop in the village. I then drove round to pick up Jim Flanagan, my roadie, only to discover he had forgotten about today and had gone to London! Ho-hum!
I got to Norton-sub-Hamdon and was met by the key holder for the village hall. He seemed fairly confident that I wouldn't get anyone at all. After yesterday I kind of agreed with him. I need not have worried. A grand total of 17 hardy souls appeared, the majority of them children and a really good time was had by all! This was more like it! OK it was a smallish crowd, but it was better than the hermit reunion party of yesterday. Lots of nice comments afterwards and one of the ladies who had brought her son took my details to pass on to the school in Norton. Very nice.
The final irony with Jim not being there is that the chairs at this village hall were not the easy to stack lightweight plastic models of previous days, but heavy old wooden flap down seats that you had to put out and get back one at a time. it took ages! Never mind. I am now home with a nice bottle of wine, full of cold and exhausted but happy. Next Henry won't be until 7th September at Manor Court School again.

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Moonroot said...

Glad to hear you managed a big finish! Well done.