Friday, August 17, 2007

Stoke-sub-Hamdon - The Royal Progress continues...

Another day and another not exactly brilliant turn out. Stoke-sub-Hamdon is probably the largest town I will be visiting on the tour and I had high hopes of a good turn out. But sadly only 5 people decided to venture out. We had some fun with them, but it would have been so nice to see more people there. It was equally galling that there was a big church youth/social/outreach event going on right next door and I went and told them about the day and invited them to come over and see the show as the price for anyone under 14 was only 50p. But this didn't sway them. Anyway, the lady I booked the hall through, the very nice landlady of the Half Moon Inn on Ham Hill Road, was very compassionate and waived the fee, which I appreciated enormously.
It has been a tough week, with the tour and what have you. We have also had the news this week of the death of my dear great Aunt Joan from Sherborne in Dorset. She is like a last link to my grandparent's generation and I have to say I have felt the loss quite heavily.
Today, Friday, I am on the tour again, this time at Clapton and Wayford Village Hall, and here's hoping we get some punters in today.

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